from-the-kitchenWe bought a 2012 Montana Big Sky 3585SA a couple of years ago.  At the time we were rather impressed by what it had to offer but after living full-time we realized it wasn’t really our taste and it wasn’t really practical for full-time living.   So when we had to move back into the home we’d rented out, we decided to bite the bullet and do the renos we’d planned.

It wasn’t an easy task — we basically changed every surface except the kitchen counters and the glass windows.  We replaced all the hardware — hinges, handles,

We changed many of the lights and painted others.  We replaced the flooring, the vanity in the bathroom and all the furniture.  We (and I say “we” loosely because Steve did most of it) took out the stairs and replaced them with oak stairs with storage underneath.  We also changed the area behind the living room TV so that the TV mounts on a “wall” and there is storage behind.

Oh… and we struggled to get a washer/dryer combo in the bedroom closet.  We now call it the “wrinkle factory” but we’re glad we have it.

Office-and-Dining-RoomWe removed the mirror doors in the bedroom, partially because we didn’t like them and partially to offset the additional weight of the renos.  And after not having a full length mirror for a year, we replaced the glass in the bedroom door with a mirror.

Sheers replaced those ugly valances in the living room and we added insulated curtains in the bedroom.  One of my pet projects was replacing the glass in the “dining room” and “office” overhead cupboards with photos of our girls and their besties.  The doors are now photo frames.

The dining room table is outdoor furniture which I bedroomfound at the Real Canadian Superstore in Courtenay in May 2016.  The desk and chair are from Staples.  The sectional couch is from Costco (and it came through the door piece by piece).  The end tables are from Home Depot.  The mattress is from Costco.  The new dresser (which isn’t shown) was built from 4 sets of closet organizer drawers from Target.

The curtain in the bedroom is a shower curtain on a tension shower rod.  Hubby has since changed the ends so they are screwed into the wall.  We don’t have issues withbathroom the clothes falling out — perhaps because they are squished in there quite tight.  We did have an issue with the shoe rack which is in the closet sliding out but it’s now tied down.

Steve added straps to keep the TV in place and the fridge door closed.  We also use child locks on the cupboard doors (the single doors have locks on the inside and the double doors have locks on the outside.  Remembering which is which when we open them is a work in progress…. we’ve broken many of the inside locks as we open the doors without thinking.)

Steve also spent hundreds of hours fixing things.  The trailer brakes were installed improperly.  The bathroom stack vented into the ceiling and the smells went behind the TV (yuck).  There were numerous leaks (he still hasn’t fixed all of them).  The sink grey tank was split.  He also built a protective cover around the pipe under the fridge which had been damaged with stuff being put in the cupboard.  He fixed and sealed the windows (many of them had holes which were cut wrong and there was just a rubber gasket holding them in). And he spent 3 months adding insulation under the rig (he’d tackled the missing insulation in the nose during the original renovations).  If you want to know all the deficiencies in the insulation add a comment and Steve can write you a novel 🙂

And, the replacement cost of this rig without all the renovations is over $100,000… go figure!

Ready to Roll

These cords, which run the length of the slider keep the furniture from sliding all over the place.  The hardware is from a marine store  The straps you see across the fridge are button snapped in.

Dining-Room-Slide---packed packed-the-other-angle Living-Room-Slide-packed Packed Slides-in











































This is what the rig looked like just before we started the renos — we were still smiling then 🙂

Bathroom-before Before-we-started Dining-Room-before