We’ve just crossed one item of our bucket list… visiting the Grand Canyon.  We’ve “almost” seen it numerous times — twice we seriously considered it while in Vegas and when we booked our first trip (which had to be cancelled for medical reasons) it was on the itinerary.

Today though, we were up at 4:30 and on the road just after 5:00 from Hurricane, UT our home base for 3 nights.  I offered to drive there to give Steve a break.  He drove home.

I’ll let the photos tell the story — and even then it’s hard for the photos to show how awesome this place is and I truly mean being in awe with the size, depth and geological history.

We started with the mule ride — my gal’s name was Lisa.  Steve rode Tom.  We opted to do the 1-hour tour which didn’t go into the canyon and we were happy with our choices when we dismounted an hour later with wobbly legs and stiff ankles.

We were very happy we brought jackets with us… we had goosebumps at the start of the ride and the wind was crazy!

We then spent some time with a cup of tea and coffee looking out at the amazing scenery.  We even had a visit from a chipmunk, which scared the crap out of me as I thought it was going to jump on me while I was taking its photo… haha.

After a visit to the Visitor Information Center, we decided to drive to Point Imperial and Cape Royal.  Point Imperial is the highest view point of the Grand Canyon and while I stood there looking down, I felt rather insignificant.

We continued on to Cape Royal where we took more photos on the walk to the various viewpoints.  After a picnic lunch we headed back … and as we did we saw a huge cloud of smoke.  We hoped it wasn’t on our route back.

I really don’t know how they would get all the people out of that area if a forest fire was close to the one and only road in/out.  We were quite quiet until we realized we were going to be okay.

I’ll have to Google to find out more about the fire shortly.  We did eventually see a helicopter with a bucket, so I’m hoping it’s out now…. Update:  It started a couple of days ago and it’s now 50% contained.

All in all, it was a 12 hour day but well worth it.

Unfortunately, we came home to an oven inside the rig.  The AC isn’t able to keep up — it was frozen solid — and it was 35C inside (one degree cooler than the outside, although it didn’t feel that way).

Tomorrow we’re off to Zion.