We’ve had excellent weather along the Oregon Coast so far and now we’re off to Bodega Bay, CA, which we are expecting to foggy and cool.

Cool-BridgeThis leg of our journey took down the US-101 then across the CA-12 / Bodega Hwy before heading up the US-1.  There is a lot of road construction along the way, which is needed as the road is pretty bumpy in parts.

The Microsoft Maps continue to be really unreliable for time estimates.  We originally thought we’d have a 6 hour day (according to the software) and it ended up being 7 1/2 hours with only one stop for fuel, one bio-break and one quick stop to eat our lunch.

Sand-DunesThe truck is doing well now that Steve took the Turbo Brake off — no more confused tranny which helps A LOT.  Working in the truck still continues to be challenging with the bouncing around and the spotty cell phone reception.

The scenery along the coast continues to be worth the trip.  I never tire of seeing the power of the ocean.  We’ve also passed sand dunes, gone through forests, over one mountain range and down into Sonoma county.  I highly recommend this leg (well except for the last bit on Hwy 1) which is tight with a big rig.

State-Park---ORAlong the way we passed by a “one log house” and a “treehouse” both were basically the same thing — the one log house was a fallen tree with a door on it and the treehouse was still standing.  We didn’t stop at either of them.

When we arrived at Bodega Bay RV Resort we didn’t have a reservation.  Apparently the manager tried to phone me back in April to tell me the credit card didn’t go through and she also emailed me and when she didn’t hear back she cancelled it.  Well, she had the wrong phone number to start.  I didn’t have any emails from her in my inbox or trash.  Apparently there wasn’t even an email on the original reservation.    Fortunately, there was room for us for 2 nights and the people who checked us in were really great at apologizing and trying to make it up to us.

After we got set up we stupidly decided to walk into “town” to get some wine.  OMG, I’ve never been so scared walking before.  The Hwy 1 is narrow and windy and has no shoulder and no sidewalks.  We literally risked our lives going for that wine.


Back home, we chill out in the rig.  Both of us are exhausted and we could barely keep our eyes open past dinner.  Fortunately we have great wifi and we were able to watch an episode of Bloodline before crashing.

Tomorrow we explore…