Our original plan was to go from Cannon Beach to Crater Lake.  However, the temperature was expected to exceed 100F inland this past weekend so we decided to skip this stop and stay on the coast.  We made a reservation at the Sea Perch RV Resort at mile marker 171 on the US 101 instead.  (Note to the people at Crater Lake RV Park, check your emails more often… I’d cancelled the reservation by email the day before we arrived and then I received an email saying you’d kept our spot and we’d be charged for it).

Oregon-CoastIf you’ve driven this part of the US 101, you know it’s windy, hilly and quite narrow.  It’s even more trying when there are hundreds of cyclists on the road!  It never failed… whenever we were in a particularly tight spot, we had a cyclist on one side and oncoming rigs on the other.  At one point we had to dodge a fallen branch over the highway too.

Never a dull moment.

Mind you I also took some incredible photos from my vantage point in the passenger seat.  I joked that Steve could look at them later to see what he was missing by keeping his eyes on the road!

Sea-Perch-RV-ParkI must say, the folk at Sea Perch are the friendliest hosts/owners we’ve met so far.  It’s a small park (24 sites) with a lovely clubhouse and a spectacular view as it’s ocean front.  We were met at the door and while I went in to register, Steve was shown to our site.    They are very strict with their kids and pets policy, so if you decide to stay there, be warned.  People were being spoken to shortly after the “infraction” whatever it may be.


Our oSunset---Yachatsriginal intention was to have a lovely picnic dinner on the beach but the wind was cool and quite breezy, so we opted to eat in the rig instead.  (Oh, we were invited to the clubhouse for a guest pizza/salad event from 5 – 7 but we’d already figured out our dinner plans.  I’m not sure if anyone went.)

We did sit on the bench overlooking the beach and took a LOT of pictures of the sunset — as if we’d never seen one before — haha!  Here’s one of them 🙂

We’re a bit concerned about our timing for travels though — the Microsoft Maps software we used indicated a 3 hour drive which turned into well over 5 hours and we’d only stopped to eat our sandwich and then again to see what was going on with the tranny.  It was still acting up.  Steve determined it was the Turbo Brake he’d installed — so he disconnected it and we’ve had no more problems (although the check engine light is on again).

Overnight-set-upWith the quick overnight stop, we didn’t set-up the rig, so getting on the road was relatively easy on Sunday.  We left at 9am, heading for Crescent City.  We originally thought it would be a 3 hour drive but when we plugged the address into the Garmin, it came in at 5 1/2 hours.  Uggh.

Shortly after we left, the Garmin was instructing us to turn left on a gravel road.  Steve decided to ignore the instructions and continued on the 101.  Then we had a bit of a panic moment — the Garmin was telling us we were too tall to go through a bridge up ahead.  Uggh.  Steve dropped the rig and drove on ahead to check it out.  I stayed with the rig and hid inside — just in case someone came by and tried to kidnap me.  I read too many “who done it?” books!

Yes, it was true that the sides of the tunnel were too low for us but if we stayed in the middle we’d be fine.

Then the Garmin wanted us to do another detour — which we also ignored.  We’re beginning to realize it’s not that reliable.  All in all, we arrived at the Redwoods RV Park about 2:30 (with a short stop to eat a snack in the truck).  Again, what we thought was going to be a 3 hour drive ended up at 5 1/2 hours.  I’m getting a bit concerned about the long days we’ve got coming up later in the trip.

Along the way we passed the “World’s Shortest River” the D-River in Lincoln City (which isn’t really the shortest river but it was for a while!), the “World’s Smallest Bay” Depoe Bay in Lincoln County and we crossed the “Tallest Bridge in the State of Oregon” the Thomas Creek bridge at 345 feet high.  I didn’t get photos of any of them 🙂

Stopping-for-lunchThe work-in-the-rig plan isn’t working out as well as I’d hoped due to the windy and bumpy roads.  I’m hoping that I can get seriously caught up when we hit the interstate again.

But on the positive side, our child locks are working out well.  One cupboard, which didn’t have a lock on it, opened yesterday but fortunately only 3 boxes of pasta ended up on the floor (rather than the bottles of olive oil and vinegars that were also in the cupboard).  Today, the pots didn’t escape their cupboard because of the other locks.  The hardest part is remembering that the single doors have a lock on the inside.  We’ve already broken 4 of the locks as we heave the doors open without thinking.

The straps on the fridge and the TV are working as they should and the ropes are keeping the furniture in the slides.  (I’ll create another post to show the set-up and tear down.)

Tomorrow we explore the Redwood Forest area — again we’ve decided not to set up the rig as we’ll be gone all day tomorrow and we head out for the next leg early on Tuesday.  It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a week already.