Steve loves to travel, golf, ski, work-out and go boating. He is a whiz at fixing the electronics on planes and is the CFE (Chief Fixer Everything) at home. He’s extremely handy and can figure out almost everything. Steve is currently learning how to be an awesome videographer and photographer for this blog and for travel marketing videos. This photo was taken at Mt Washington in BC when Steve was skiing to raise funds for MS. He and Carol skied 12 runs (one necklace for each run) and 27km that day with a top speed of 75.9 km/hr – according to one of the MANY apps Steve has on his phone.


Carol lives to travel, loves skiing, boating and sitting in the sunshine with a great book. Carol is an entrepreneur, leadership consultant and speaker. She hosts The Reinvention Show and produces the Women’s Reinvention Summit. Carol wrote the best-selling book Guerrilla Tourism Marketing in 2012 and she’s currently writing a book about business transformation. Carol is the ideas person and the planner in the family. Steve took this photo during a shoot for Carol’s websites. Most days though, you’ll find Carol with hair in a ponytail wearing her “comfy clothes”.

“Travels brings power and love back to your life.”

~ RUMI ~



Carol and Steve love to travel, laugh and enjoy new experiences. Early in their relationship they spent 3 weeks in Europe with a 2 year old. They realized that if they could survive that trip, they could survive anything!

While on maternity leave, Carol followed her dream to become self-employed, first as a travel agent and then as the founder of an incentive travel agency. With Steve’s support, Carol grew the business so it was big enough to give them a great life but not too big so that she couldn’t be with the family. Carol’s work has taken her to many exotic and wonderful places and Steve and their girls have been able to join her many times.

In 2004, the same year that Carol was awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year”, Steve and Carol went back to Europe with their girls and Steve’s Mom. They stayed in a Flat in Paris, a Mas in the South of France, a Villa in Tuscany and with family in Scotland for an entire, luxurious, relaxing and fun month.

There are so many places on Steve and Carol’s bucket list and so many things they want to experience that topic of working and travelling the world became quite regular.

Carol was ready to sell everything, pack up and move overseas when their youngest went to university but Steve wasn’t ready to be so carefree.

It was as if the Universe came up with the perfect solution – a 38 1/2 foot RV that Carol and Steve saw at their daughter’s horse show. The funny part is that Carol and Steve aren’t campers. In fact in the 20+ years together, they’ve never been camping. They’d also never been inside a 5th wheel before they asked to peek inside the rig – nicknamed the Bellagio. Absolutely everyone was shocked when they announced their intention to buy the Bellagio and to travel North America for a couple of years – and it wasn’t just their girls who thought they were crazy!

Most people who decide to make such a life-changing decision spend time figuring out the details and logistics ahead of time. Carol and Steve bypassed this step, so they are figuring out the details day-by-day. There are very few dull moments now – lots of learning and interesting discoveries, some frustrating set-backs and great stories along the way.

Carol and Steve hope their blog inspires you to follow your dreams, pursue your passions and live your life to the fullest. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to find out what they’ve discovered next!



I'd posted on Facebook that we were planning to go to Zion National Park today and a friend responded with a recommendation to take the Overland 4x4 trip through Zion Adventures.  I phoned when they opened at 8am, inquiring about their 9am trip and unfortunately,...

Grand Canyon

We've just crossed one item of our bucket list... visiting the Grand Canyon.  We've "almost" seen it numerous times -- twice we seriously considered it while in Vegas and when we booked our first trip (which had to be cancelled for medical reasons) it was on the...

Bodega Bay to Las Vegas

It's been almost a week since I updated the blog.  The time is flying by.  After Bodega Bay we headed inland to Chowchilla, CA to The Lakes RV Resort for 2 nights, which is a small park with golf included.  Steve chose not to golf a round but he did go to the driving...

Sonoma County

Last night I spent time on Trip Advisor and the Sonoma County website figuring out what to do while we're in Bodega Bay, Sonoma County.  The obvious choice would be visiting vineyards but we are driving, so that wasn't going to work. Instead, I decided to make a loop...

Crescent City to Bodega Bay

We've had excellent weather along the Oregon Coast so far and now we're off to Bodega Bay, CA, which we are expecting to foggy and cool. This leg of our journey took down the US-101 then across the CA-12 / Bodega Hwy before heading up the US-1.  There is a lot of road...

Our RV Renos

We bought a 2012 Montana Big Sky 3585SA a couple of years ago.  At the time we were rather impressed by what it had to offer but after living full-time we realized it wasn't really our taste and it wasn't really practical for full-time living.   So when we had to move...

Cannon Beach to Crescent City

Our original plan was to go from Cannon Beach to Crater Lake.  However, the temperature was expected to exceed 100F inland this past weekend so we decided to skip this stop and stay on the coast.  We made a reservation at the Sea Perch RV Resort at mile marker 171 on...

Cannon Beach

Driving day today and it was a relatively easy drive from Portland to Cannon Beach.  We left at noon and we're set up at the Cannon Beach RV Park between 2 and 2:30. No mishaps, no breakage this trip... woot!  woot! I finally got my "office" set up in the passenger...


Strathcona Provincial Park


Playa del Carmen


Cannon Beach

Bodega Bay, Sonoma County

Crescent City





Las Vegas


“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”








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